Caring For Your Lash Extensions



  • brushing them daily & only when dry

  • washing them 2-3 times per week with an Eyelash Extension Foam cleanser & small, soft brush

  • removing all traces of make up every day with an oil-free makeup remover

  • using only Eyelash Extension friendly and water soluble makeup to avoid premature extension loss

  • Refilling at 2-3 weeks to avoid excessive grow out that can put unnecessary stress on the lash follicles.

  • EXTRA TIP: If you suffer from hayfever, it’s good practice to wash your lashes nightly to remove any pollens, dust or pet dander that may be resting on your lashes. 

    If you still find it hard to keep your hayfever under control, you may consider removing the lashes in peak hay fever seasons and opting for something like a lash lift instead.


  • OIL - any products containing oils break the glue bonds, please note Micellar Water is NOT oil-free neither is regular or waterproof mascara

  • FRICTION - rubbing or pulling at your eyelash extensions, if you plan on having them a while you could use a silk or satin pillowcase or eye mask to help reduce loss during sleep if its an issue

  • HUMIDITY, so avoid hot showers for 12 hours following application

  • PERSPIRATION for 12 hours following your appointment, including gym, saunas. Swimming or excessively humid environments over time may result in more frequent refills being required

  • LASH CURLERS aren’t suitable for use with lash extensions




  • NATURAL LASH LOSS is a natural biological process, so it’s normal to see the loss of 3-5 per eye, per day. A natural lash shedding will take your extension with it. 20 lost per eye, per week is about average for most, which is why 2-3 week refills are recommended to keep them healthy and looking their best.

  • OLD EXTENSION LOSS the glue has life of about 6 weeks, depending on the amount of natural oils its exposed to from your skin. So it is normal as well to see the odd extension without a natural lash attached.

  • UNEVEN SHED PATTERN your lash growth is related to your hormones and your growth cycle is forever changing and shedding will be different every time.

  • SEASONAL SHEDDING - Autumn & Spring shedding is a "thing"! Much like our pets shed a winter coat, we have our own evolutionary version of this which may affect your lashes for 1-2 refills.

  • EXCESSIVE EXTENSION LOSS in the first 48 hours. In this instance, something has stopped the extensions bonding properly. This can be biological, product residue related or possibly environmental factors. If you see 10 or more extensions lost without a natural lash in the first 2 days, please contact us as soon as you notice. Our work is guaranteed for 48 hours and we'll happily troubleshoot & fix any issues as long as we’re notified in that time frame and it is deemed out of the ordinary loss.

  • REDNESS of the eye or surrounding area that lasts more than 24 hours. If it's painful or of concern, please seek medical advice as soon as possible in the first instance.

  • SORENESS, ITCHING, SWELLING It is important that if you experience any of these symptoms after a lash application that you visit your GP initially. We're more than happy to remove lashes causing irritation due to an allergy FREE of charge. But we do need you to bring a GPs written permission for us that it’s safe to do so.

    If you think you may be having an allergic reaction, you can also read more about that here: 




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