Lash Care Tips: Unruly Lashes?


After a nights rest you wake from your sleep and stumble over to the mirror, half asleep still, only to find your lashes are resembling an old toothbrush, with hair to match. Sound like you? Whilst asleep at night, you're undoubtedly rubbing your faces against your pillows.


Now, this situation is nothing a simple brush can’t fix, but if this sounds like you, you're probably also noticing that you shed on one side faster than the other, especially if you’re a side sleeper.


The Answer? It’s beauty’s secret weapon of course! A silk pillow case under your sleepy head at night can do wonders for your eyelash extensions.


This luxury addition to the bedroom will help with your lash retention by allowing your eyelash extensions to glide easily over your pillow, maintaining your beautiful lashes. Not only will it prevent premature shedding or untidy “morning” lashes, it also keeps your freshly styled hair in shape and prevents wrinkles by helping your skin hold on to its moisture. ;)

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