Why we can't refill another's salons work

September 11, 2017

Quite some time ago, we had to make the decision to respectfully decline refills on lash extensions that weren’t our work and we wanted to explain the main reason behind why we did this. Whilst the meme may be a little cheeky, our reasoning does NOT come from a place of arrogance or superiority, as we know and respect many talented specialists all over Melbourne! 


We know it’s disappointing and difficult for clients when they try to change technicians, as many reputable salons have a similar policy in place, most likely for similar reasons to us.


And the reason is basically this… the eyelash extension industry is an unregulated one; meaning that unfortunately it’s saturated with technicians that have had no training or poor training, are using outdated methods or, they simply don't care about ensuring your well being.


When we had previously accepted refill work which hadn’t been ours, the outcome was frequently upsetting for both the client and us, because in most cases the extensions weren’t in a condition that we were able to work with and either, we didn’t have enough time available to remove the old lashes and deliver a great set, or, we had a client leaving devastated with the news that their natural lashes had been damaged – many times too scared to EVER try lash extensions again. 


This is not the experience we want you to leave our salon with. 


At Lashes Melbourne we look forward to the day of a regulated industry so that everyone can experience eyelash extensions the way they should be. But for now, we focus on doing our part to improve the industry standards by responsibly delivering damage free lashes that you love and promoting lash wellness. We invest in the ongoing education of our lash technicians to ensure that we’re using the safest techniques, so that our clients can enjoy their eyelash extensions for many years to come. 


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