How long do eyelash extensions last?

September 17, 2018

A Full Set of Eyelash Extensions should last about six weeks but they will start naturally shedding within the first week. How quickly the shedding happens depend on the individual's lash growth cycle and aftercare.


If proper application and aftercare is followed, an individual eyelash extension should last as long as the natural lash it’s attached to. So, it depends on how old the natural lash is as to when you’ll start to experience loss, which could be anywhere between 1 to 90 days after its application.


Many people I meet for the first time were under the impression that they had one set of natural lashes that last a whole lifetime and freak out when they hear a natural lash will fall out with an extension!!


This is actually a normal, biological process called shedding and it fluctuates based on hormones, overall health and nutrition and even the seasons! Typically though, our natural eyelashes have a life cycle of about 60-90 days from when they start growing, until they shed out. Each natural lash is at a different stage of growth, so that we have a variance of long, medium, short & baby natural lashes at any point. The longest natural lashes are the oldest ones, closest to shedding.



Our average Lashes Melbourne customer has about 80-100 suitable natural lashes extended. It’s normal to see 3-5 lost per eye, per day; or about 20 per week, provided they’re well looked after. This is why we recommend refills every 2-3 weeks to replace grown out extensions and cover the new lashes that have grown in to keep them looking healthy and lush.



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