Allergic Reactions to Eyelash Extensions

September 26, 2018


I commonly get asked by new time clients - "will I be allergic to eyelash extensions?!!" It's probably the number one fear that holds people back from getting eyelash extensions, so I though I'd give some attention to the commonly asked questions I get about allergies to eyelash extensions.


Can you be allergic to eyelash extensions?

Whilst it’s uncommon, yes - like with anything, you can have an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions. Most reactions will not occur on a first time application though, as an intolerance to something takes time to develop. However, if you’ve had an irritation or reaction in the past to eyelash extensions or have had an allergy to something of a similar nature in the past, it’s important to discuss it with us before deciding to book.


What causes allergic Reactions to Eyelash Extensions?

An allergic reaction is caused by your body deciding a substance is a threat, and it produces a histamine response to protect itself. The symptoms vary from person to person, but typically with an allergy to something in your eyelash extension treatment we see swelling, redness around the treatment area and tender eyes. The problem here is that our body is often wrong and causes allergies to harmless substances like strawberries, peanuts, pollen and even medicine too! The things we most commonly see, is people building up intolerances to either the eye patches or the adhesive used to bond the extension to the natural lash. Our eye patches are no longer collagen infused, as we found this to be a common irritant.


What to do to reduce the symptoms.

If you think you’re having an allergic reaction to your eyelash extensions, apply a cold compress in the first instance to help with discomfort from any swelling. It’s important to visit either your local pharmacist or doctor to check the area to see if it’s an allergic reaction and then they can offer the best treatment for your symptoms. If your doctor thinks its necessary, you can book to get a professional removal done as well.


At Lashes Melbourne, we require written permission from a licensed medical professional in order for us to remove lashes on swollen eyes. We need to ensure it’s safe for you to do so. With your eyes as irritated as they are, it’s often the case that removal isn’t advised by a medical professional until the symptoms subside a little.


Can I have Eyelash Extensions Again?

It depends entirely on what you’ve reacted to! If you’ve reacted to eye patches, which typically, you would see redness under the eye only, you may be able to use a different covering under the eyes with success. However, if it’s the adhesive you’ve reacted to, unfortunately you can no longer have eyelash extensions.


What about if I have a break for a few months?

Your body does not forget! In fact, every time you expose yourself to a substance that you’re allergic to, the stronger the next reaction will be and your body more quickly recognises substances it doesn’t like. In majority of cases, your symptoms will worsen with each exposure.


What about sensitive or hypoallergenic formulations?

Unfortunately, the same base ingredient is used in all eyelash extensions glues. Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in all lash adhesives as its the only formulation that can adhere synthetic to human tissues with success, meaning - sorry, but no eyelash extensions for you until some incredible genius comes up with an answer for us all (yes - I’m a technician who’s allergic too!).


**This Post is General Information. Please consult a licensed Medical Professional if you have had an allergic reaction and conduct your own research into your specific situation if you're deciding whether extensions are for you.**


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